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Important Information for All Flatmate Users About Avoiding Scammers

We don't manage any communications or transactions, it is a platform which facilitates a technical structure for users to create listings and means of communication. A non-profit platform similar to other classified sites and/or marketplaces such as the Facebook Marketplace. We do not validate or verify the authenticity of users or persons that sign up and use the Flatmate platform. Because of this, we urge user to exercise caution when dealing with other Flatmate users to avoid getting scammed.

To prevent financial loss and wasting time, never send, or accept money from anyone you haven't met or spoken to in person. In all situations, we advise that you do not send money through online transfer without adequate security, authenticity, or intention of the receiver. To minimise the risk of getting scammed you should only conduct financial affairs in person with adequate guarantees.

We also advise that you should always use official forms and leases when entering into an agreement for your new accommodation, which can be found on:

FAQ Rent Apartment or Rooms in Malta

Do I have to pay for Flatmate or is it free?

Flatmate is free, today, tomorrow, always!

Why was my listing updated?

  • We work hard to ensure that Flatmate is useful and safe. We may moderate your listing if we want to improve its usefulness or in some cases, to protect our community.
  • If your listing has been moderated, it will most likely be for one of the following reasons:
  • Your headline is non-descriptive in relation to what you're looking for
  • Your listing contains a third party link
  • Your listing contains explicit content
  • Your photo is of someone else
  • Your photo contains a watermark
  • Your photo has a caption or text laid over it
  • Your listing has a bathroom as the main photo instead of a room or a common area

Is Flatmate a real estate agency?

Flatmate is not a real estate agency. You may come across an agent who posted a listing on Flatmate. We encourage all agents to be transparent with the fact that they are agents and whether or not they will charge a commission if you end up renting the room they listed.

How can I delete my account?

From Settings in your profile, you can access your Account, on that page you have the option to Delete your Flatmate account.

What do I use Flatmate for?

We are the flatshare platform for shared apartments in Malta. If you are looking for a room to rent or you have rooms to fill we welcome you to create a listing on Flatmate.
We will help you find what you're looking for by putting your listing on the screens of people searching for a room to rent or someone to share with.

How do I sign up for Flatmate?

In our efforts to keep things simple, we have enabled you to sign up with just one click through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail. In addition to this, we have a traditional sign-up forms available where you need to enter your Name, Surname and Email to get started.

How does messaging work on Flatmate?

Messaging is only available to users that signed up. In order to message someone, you need to log in. After you've logged in you can message other users either through listings or their profile. A notification will be sent to your personal email every time a new message is received.

Are we an agent?

We are not real estate agents. Think of Flatmate as a software tool used for flat sharing where people can connect.

You may come across real estate agents posting listings as individual users on our platform. We encourage all agents to be open about the fact that they are agents.

How can I report someone?

If you come across a user who violates the Flatmate terms of use we want you to report this to us. You can send us a message here, write to us on Facebook Messenger or reach out to our WhatsApp support.

Where can I see my messages?

You can find and reply to messages in your private Flatmate inbox. You find your inbox in your Flatmate account.

How can I update a listing?

By accessing your listing you're able to use the Edit option. You can easily find your listings under My Listings and click on the listing you want to edit.

What does Expiration Date mean?

The expiration date determines how long your listing is open on Flatmate. After the expiration date, the listing will close automatically. A closed listing is inactive and won't show in the listing views for other users. You can update the expiration date by using the "Edit listing" option. The maximum expiration date is six months. This means that any listing you want to publish needs to be set to expire within six months from the day you create the listing. If you enter a date that is greater than six months you will not be able to publish the listing, and asked to update the date you entered.

New Maltese Rental Laws as of January 1st 2020

Find all the resources you need on this website.

Get started with Flatmate!

Start out by registering as a Flatmate user. From there on you can choose to update your profile if you so wish, you will be able to create listings for either of the two options available:

Have a Room

If you own or rent a place and have spare room(s) to rent out you are able to create a listing on Flatmate.
When creating a listing you will go through a step-by-step process providing all necessary information about your flat, yourself and your ideal flatmate.
You are free to browse flatmates listings to find ideal flatmates to move into your flat.

Looking for a Room

If you are looking for a flat to move into you can create a profile and flat owners can discover and contact you. 
If you are looking to find other flatmates to team up with and find a flat to share you can use Flatmate to do so.

We urge you to fill out as much of the details as possible and create a detailed description of yourself. This way there is a higher chance you will find an ideal flat or flatmate. Making use of all the choices a listing have also increase your exposure when other flatmates search for you!