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As a Flatmate user your have the right to be forgotten and exercise that right by logging into your Flatmate account > Edit Profile > Account > Permanently Delete My Account. This action will delete all information associated with your account along with all the listing you created, and all conversations you've had.

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Important Information for All Flatmate Users About Avoiding Scammers

We don't manage any communications or transactions, it is a platform which facilitates a technical structure for users to create listings and means of communication. A non-profit platform similar to other classified sites and/or marketplaces such as the Facebook Marketplace. We do not validate or verify the authenticity of users or persons that sign up and use the Flatmate platform. Because of this, we urge user to exercise caution when dealing with other Flatmate users to avoid getting scammed.

To prevent financial loss and wasting time, never send, or accept money from anyone you haven't met or spoken to in person. In all situations, we advise that you do not send money through online transfer without adequate security, authenticity, or intention of the receiver. To minimise the risk of getting scammed you should only conduct financial affairs in person with adequate guarantees.

We also advise that you should always use official forms and leases when entering into an agreement for your new accommodation, which can be found on: