Looking for long let apartment / spacious room in Luqa


I am looking for a room in a shared apartment in Luqa from 1 August 2021.

I am a male, 43 years, software developer from Germany. I have been in Malta since October 2020. I have a permanent job. I am single. I do not smoke. I have no pets. I do not have a car.

I am a quiet person. I do not socialize much. I prefer reading on the weekend than partying. I can speak English and German.

Long let (much more than 6 months) for an indefinite time period. I intend to stay in Malta.

What I am looking for.

  • Bright spacious room with windows
  • Own bathroom
  • Room with access to balcony, terrace or inner court.
  • Bright apartment with windows.
  • Tidy apartment.
  • In Luqa.
  • There should be a washing machine available (either in the apartment or in the building)
  • The room can be furnished or unfurnished
  • A place to safely store a bicycle (e.g. in a garage, or on the balcony / terrace).
  • I sometimes work from home. So I need a fast and reliable internet connection.
  • I am prepared to help with the cleaning of the apartment.
  • The building with the apartment must be quiet (no construction sites, no parties, no tourists).
  • The apartment should be in a quiet area.

What you must offer / be

  • Mature person
  • You live permanently in the apartment / in Malta, i.e. you do not intend leaving Malta.
  • You must offer a rental agreement (long let, indefinite time period) OR rent an apartment together with me.
    • You must be quiet person (no regular parties, no noisy TV 24hours a day)
    • Maximum 2 people in total sharing the apartment. Unless you are living with a partner in the same room then 3 people in total sharing the apartment.
    • No smoking in the apartment.
  • You can have pets (as many as you want).
  • You like a clean and tidy apartment.

- 500 with bills (negotiable).
- I would prefer bills to be included.

Towns I am willing to consider
- Luqa

If you have something that could suit me please contact me through flatmate, cellphone or whatsapp.

Contact number: 99274190
Move-in date: Aug 1, 2021
Location Preference: Luqa
Age: 43
Pets Preference: