Ensuite room in villa w gym,sauna,jacuzzi,barbecue, fireplace...

it is 7 room, 3 bedroom villa.
street : sant agatha, sliema. 2 minutes to sliema ferry and sea.
There are 2 people living and a dog. Me and a finnish girl.
there are setted up jacuzzi, fireplace, gym ( functional gym machines like rower,ski, assault bike )
I ordered sauna but will arrive end of february.
Jacuzzi can be used in winter. it goes 40degree and brand new. i just bought like 4-5 months ago.
there are 5 sitting area in the home. It is super private.
Each room has own bathroom. Also there is 3 toilet which means each room has 1 toilet. But this room's toilet is outside the room as flush made so much noise. i removed to outside of the room. There is shower inside though.
I am business owner of crossfit equipments and most of my clients are gym owners. I dont like party going on all the time at my villa. Please note that it is not party house. I look someone professional and respectful to our place.
there are fireplace and cinema room. It is super cosy room to chill with your friends.
Place is in impaccable location. No cars goes from the street. It is not main street. Generally quite place.
All rooms have brand new AC.
Price for rent only. 50-75 euros generally for bills.

Contact number: +35677070427
Date Available: Jan 7, 2022
Home type: Detached Villa
Home size:
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
4+ Bedrooms
Bedroom features:
Air condition
Ceiling fan
Shared bathroom
Bills and expenses:
Internet included
Electricity included
Water included