Shared Bedspace

Are you looking for a cheap place to stay that is clean and modern and fantastic and well-equipped? With a small group of cool guys? The only catch is: it is a shared bed and there is little privacy. If that doesn't bother you, read on.

Total people in this 200sqm bedroom is 5 (you included). Total in the 25 sqm bedroom is 3 (you included).

The flat has 2 terraces, has a hot tub in summer, is cleaned weekly, and has all expenses included.

Contract given and registered with the Housing Authority if you need it.

In the flat there is a German (41), French (26) Venezuelan (25), and Pole (25), all clean and friendly. We work in finance and igaming. You will be sharing the bedroom with the German and Pole.

I am looking for a the right guy to share this place with us, someone who is up to 40 years old, clean, sportive, friendly and open minded. I am nudist friendly (although nobody here is nudist) and you should be open door policy friendly. Most important: be fresh and clean.

If possible please text some information about yourself - why you are in Malta, your age and work, and be prepared to share your social media profile with me as I like to see who would be coming in our place.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Contact number: (+356) 79495320
Date Available: Sep 1, 2022
Home type: Flat
Home size:
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
4+ Bedrooms
Bedroom features:
Air condition
Ceiling fan
Shared bathroom