Looking for a room in a shared flat for my semester abroad

My name is Janis, I'm 25 years old, I come from the northern German city of Bremen and I will be spending my semester abroad on the beautiful island of Malta next autumn. I am studying Leisure Sciences and will be taking similar courses at the University of Malta. I will be there from mid-September to mid-February. On this way I am now looking for a nice room near or with a good connection by public transport to the university.

My hobbies have a lot to do with the outdoors. When I'm not on my racing bike or mountain bike, I'm probably either hiking or drinking coffee. I always feel like doing these things with new people. So if you ever feel like it... let me know! :) But sometimes I just like to lie around somewhere and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I could start talking about how cosmopolitan or organised and clean I am, but my favourite way to get to know someone would be through Zoom or something similar.

I hope you would like to live with me for a while! :)

Best regards,


Move-in date: Sep 15, 2023
Location Preference: Near Valetta oder Msida
Age: 25