Game Design Student - room for one semester

Hey there, Robin here

I'm a Game Design student from Düsseldorf, Germany.
I'll start the Master of Science in Digital Games in October 2023 and need a room to live in for the first semester.
Anywhere up to 30 minutes away from University of Malta is ok :)

I'm into traveling, biking, hiking, cinema, art / museums / everything culture and I love to cook (I make very good lasagna, Polish schnitzel and cheesecake - my friends tell me). I speak Polish, German, English and lived in Gdańsk and California before.

Furthermore, I lived in a shared apartment with 10 people in Düsseldorf, so I know how to live with and organize stuff for many people with limited space.

I'm totally into intellectual conversations about the sense of life, what actually is art, and which cheese is objectively the best.

I have been working in games for quite some time, as a journalist, editor, and at a games funding office.

I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Move-in date: Oct 1, 2023
Location Preference: Anywhere up to 30 minutes away from university
Pets Preference: