Looking for a room or preferably a Flatmate for long time 1year+

I'm moving to Malta end of November. I am moving to Malta due to accepting a new job at the iGaming industry and i will be staying in Malta for at least 1 year. Most likely more.

I'm a friendly and humorous guy and I'm sociable but i need my alone time too.
Preferably i would like to find someone to share a flat with as we would get more for the price we would pay, but i am good with a room for myself too.
Whoever is interested in a Flatmate for over a year in Malta is totally welcome to contact me and we will discuss further details, same as if anyone wants to offer me a room!!

Preference is in Sliema or close to Sliema in general.

I have no problems with pets and wouldn't mind at all having one in the flat as i really like pets in general :)

Contact number: +34 644711598
Move-in date: Dec 1, 2021
Location Preference: Sliema, Gzira St Julian
Age: 21
Pets Preference: